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SIU Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

There is a broad entrepreneurship ecosystem in place at Southern Illinois University. It spans from basic and applied research, to intellectual property and business development, to coaching and financing. It includes many resources and initiatives for inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs on the SIU Carbondale campus and surrounding communities.

See below for links related to research, patenting and intellectual property, networking with innovators and business people, developing a business plan and business development, getting startup capital and investments, getting office or laboratory space, and more.

Monthly Technology and Innovation Networking Opportunity

Everyone is invited to the monthly Tech Tran Coffee Talk, which takes place every first Tuesday of the month at the SIU Student Center McDonald's. You can join SIU tech transfer staff (Jeff Myers and Amy McMorrow Hunter) and other attendees to discuss patents, innovation, startups and more. The Tech Transfer team will even buy you a coffee! Email or call (618) 453-4556 for more information.

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Learn about entrepreneurship, discover how to be an entrepreneur, and develop ideas, inventions and smart business strategies.


CompetitionsSaluki Idea Competition (Fall)  Saluki App Competition (Spring)